Thursday, November 4, 2010

How I make it through
First let me tell you that it's been really crazy around here with my daughter's birthday and then a close family friend going into the hospital with brain cancer. To say the least it's been rough these past few months.
And to add to that, my daughter has been teething all 4 molars and all 4 canines at the same time! Now you wonder how I make it through all of these. I'd say, I have a few secrets, but really, they are all from the recommendations of mama's I know. :)
First, nursing... For us, this works wonders, she calms down and finds comfort in being close to me. I think it lets her know that I understand she is hurting and I'll do anything to help her. We have definitely added sessions on. We went from 3 a day to about 5 sometimes 6 a day, I don't mind though. :)
Second, I absolutely have to say AMBER! I know a ton of people who don't believe in it, but I'm telling you that it works. I have barely noticed a difference in my daughters behavior through the times of teething. The first two teeth were without it and they were horrible, nothing worked, tylenol, teething tablets, nursing, we tried it all, that includes the long car rides to help her sleep, nope. So we decided we had nothing to loose and bought some from Baltic Creations (link at bottom of page) and it seriously has worked wonders. The last set of teeth she got in was 6 of them and I didn't even know until they were all the way through the skin, these were the same way. Nothing compares to the Amber she has and the benefits of it don't hurt at all either. You can look at Liana's page (Baltic Creations) to read about all the different choice of colors and the benefits of the different stones she uses. :)
Lastly, give her anything and everything (safe of course) to chew on. I have tried to keep everything safe for her to put in her mouth through this time because it seems like the strangest things comfort her. The block from her set, the random ball she has and her thumb have been a few of them. :)
And lastly, I can say don't tell them no unless it will harm them. You have to remember (as do I sometimes) that these feelings are all new to them and they are learning slowly how to adjust to them. Don't get frustrated by the screams, that's them telling you they hurt. Comfort them, let them know your on their side, & love on them. You will look back on these time and cherish the memories of it whether you believe it now or not.

Also, BIG GIANT HUGS to all the families experiences the rough time of new teeth with their little ones, it will pass and your happy baby will be back!
I hope this helps you to remember you aren't alone.
From one Mama of a teething toddler
Link to Baltic Creations:

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